How Tara Palmer-Tomkinson defined the 90s

  The original ‘IT girl’, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was the poster-child for the wild debauchery of the 1990s. Tanned, toned and sporting shoes that cost more than the average mortal’s monthly salary, she encapsulated my fantasies of adult hedonism like no other. Splashed across the tabloids on a weekly basis, she became almost as high-profile as...

The empathy expiration date

Empathy’s a funny old thing. When it comes to three-legged kittens and fake cancer posts, the Brits dish it out by the bucketload. But while a sad-faced, one-eyed donkey pleading for human saviours can generate 14 million Facebook shares, it’s a different story for poverty-stricken migrants. “HE’S NOT 14!” A Daily Mail reader screeched into the...

Marriage. How old is too old?

It’s been a politically charged week to say the least. The Tories are revelling in their victory, promising to abolish The Human Rights Act, reintroduce entertaining methods of animal cruelty and stop those scrounging disabled bastards from leeching the salaries of Eton-educated self-made millionaires. The increasingly anguished left have taken to Twitter in umbrage, as though...
Chorizo, chicken and bean casserole

Chorizo, chicken and bean casserole

Like a bad date, low fat, carb free dinners tend to leave you empty, unfulfilled and desperately craving one of those 367 million calorie melt in the middle chocolate puddings. I can’t claim that my latest culinary favourite is *quite* as delicious as cheese covered chips, but considering how kind it’ll be to your thighs,...
Snapshots of the week: Fujairah

Snapshots of the week: Fujairah

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