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insanity workout schedule pure cardio and cardio abs

Posted on:27-3-2014; Tags: insanity workout schedule,pure cardio

Insanity Workout schedule pure cardio and cardio abs

During the first month I met the Pure Cardio Cardio Abs chained with ( link to the recap ) , hard, very hard .... I thought I had seen enough , but no! For the second month with Isanity , Shaun T, me , once again , totally knocked out ! Pure Cardio apparently no longer adequate , the Insanity schedule advises me to do Cardio Abs session with Max Cardio Conditionning ! A bit disappointed especially when the second month just started, the sessions are longer than 20 min and the intensity is much more full-bodied ! So I told myself seeing these two meetings to follow up live it would be super difficult to finish me up with a little

When did 9 months of Turbo Fire / Chalean Extreme followed by 2 months with the Brazil Butt Lift , you feel lapped ! Except that when we did not tried Insanity this is like going back to square one !

Insanity is aptly named , "madness" in French ! And I think we have a good craziness to start this workout ! At first glance, there are millions and millions of fools in the United States because it is the best selling fitness program in the States ! More the merrier , the merrier is not it ? ...... That's what I say to reassure me!

Anyway , I wanted to break the rules and push my body to go further ! I 've lost 11 pounds since I started in October 2012 with Beachbody ! I am satisfied with the results but I want to see my muscles take a new turn , mark advantage! And for me , I think the answer to my question lies in Insanity .

This is the session that I prefer in the first month with Insanity ! Certainly facilitated by I confess ! In fact I think it is the easiest DVD Plyometric Cardio Circuit between and Pure Cardio and Cardio ABS ! Of course, when I say easy , remember that everything is relative with Insanity ! Easy means less harsh but equally effective course! The difficulty level , but that it will depend on each, I personally worth more in a cardio workout that during a workout session , obviously it burns me but I prefer that to the endurance ! That is why the Cardio Power and Resistance is perfect for me ! It is a mixture of cardio and some strength training exercises that go far !

What there was harder when a sports program we follow ? I 'll give you a thousand : a diet adapted ! I'm an anti- diet! I follow tons that have not served much! the only thing that works is to do sports every day and have a balanced food on his plate !

Not easy, however, to find ideas ! day after day, sometimes I blow when I open the door of my fridge! A strength I have no more ideas ! ! and there, it could be dangerous! Especially when the magic drawer of my daughter, filled with junk , lies next to my dear fridge!

It is now a month since I started Insanity challenge . An extremely intense months that looks nothing at all that I could do before. To us " perk " before moving on the 2nd month promises to be even worse than the first , Shaun T has in the timetable Insanity a recovery week before the big jump or rather before the last line right .

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