January is the worst month of year. After a drunken chorus of Auld Lang Syne when the clock chimes midnight on the 1st, we’ve all slumped into a doom filled cloud of misery by the 3rd. Lying in a pile of discarded diet menus and Christmas credit card bills it’s hard not to feel  that post festive gloom.

If you need cheering up, I suggest a visit to the newly opened Radio Rooftop bar in the ME hotel. Overlooking Somerset House, it’s the kind of cocktail bar worthy of a screen shot in the next James Bond movie.  I could even pretend I was a Bond girl for a little while. Only shorter. With bigger hair. And no sexy secret service agent to rescue me from potentially perilous situations.

But assuming there’s no immediate danger, you can happily bemoan your lack of Bond girl credentials over a glass of wine or three. (Prices start at £21 per bottle so you needn’t worry too much about impending visits from enraged bank managers.)

Providing views that only the top of Hamstead Heath by night can rival, this is an excellent spot for a date, informal meeting or just an excuse to get tipsy with friends.

Tasty morsels to munch on

Luckily for greedy hungry people, there’s a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu to keep you occupied. For drink accompanying nibbles I can recommend the stuffed olives and the baby chorizo with honey mustard. Bigger dishes include the ME burger with bacon cheese and fries (the three vital ingredients to life) and Wagyu beef sliders.


Getting there

Located on The Strand, the hotel is really easy to find (even for people like me who get lost trying to find their own car in three storey parking.) A few minutes’ walk from Temple tube station, it’s hard to miss once you’ve crossed over the road.

But of course, if you were real Bond girl none of this would matter because you’d arrive by helicopter.