Giving a Segway to a girl with almost zero coordination is like watching a baby deer trying to escape the clutches of an enraged mountain lion on a skateboard. Dangerous, adrenalin fuelled and guaranteed to end in tears.

In the end there was no weeping. (I’m a brave like that.) But there was a rather spectacular crash into a dustbin surrounded by a huge crowd of bemused Japanese tourists. Once satisfied I’d sustained no serious injury the group began taking snaps of me, evidently astounded that anyone other than George Bush or a chimpanzee managed to fall off a Segway. What can I say? I aim to surpass expectations.

Bruising to my left boob aside, Prague is the dog’s bollocks. It’s cheap to get there (as little as £70 return with easyJet), it’s packed with nightlife and it’s ridiculously pretty. As in ‘romantic Italian poetry meets a Disney movie that doesn’t make you hurl your Cheerios’ pretty.

Stay at

Fusion Hotel

This snazzy little hostel/hotel was opened after my visit. Categorising itself as ‘affordable chic’ you can choose a range of accommodation types from dorm beds to flash double bedrooms with widescreen TVs. Downstairs the hotel goes for a modern trendy sort of vibe with iPod DJs lurking in every corner and wifi available everywhere.

There’s also a 360 degree rotating bar. Though I suspect it may be a ploy to deter customers from realising how much they’ve drunk, my new lottery win fantasy includes one of these bad boys.


If you don’t fancy sharing with backpackers then the K+K hotel is a good option. Room start at around £85 per night but deals are available if you scour the website.

Eat at

The terrace Zlata Praha restaurant at the InterContinental Prague

Serving a mix of traditional Czech of continental food, I recommend the asparagus, poached eggs and hollandaise. If the weather’s good you can sit outside, which pretty much overlooks the whole of Prague. (Alright, maybe not the WHOLE thing, but the view is pretty amazing.)

Bellevue restaurant

A definite ‘special treat’ restaurant, this uber posh little eatery is located just over the waterfront. The menu includes plenty of fresh fish dishes including scallops and oysters, local produce as well as veal and fois gras. (Personally I don’t care for baby cows or the fat of tortured geese but hey, to each their own.)

Mövenpick Hotel

One of the few restaurants you need a cable car to access, this rooftop restaurant has a relaxed vibe. Much of the fish and meat is cooked to order on the barbeque, but it’s served with veg and chips (if you want them). No Asda’s own hotdog buns in this joint.

Don’t miss

Prague castle

Despite my disappointment at the lack of valliant knights cantering around on white horses, Prague castle is still definitely worth a lookskie. Home to the Lobkowicz palace (which is owned by the country’s royal equivalents) it’s packed full of history.

Historical boat ride

Though I was sadly not accompanied by a dashing young man, I do think the boat rides make a lovely romantic trip. It’s like Prague’s answer to Venice.

The historical tram

I love a good old tram ride, in fact I was genuinely devastated when I grew up to realise Thomas the Tank wasn’t real and I’d never be able to hurtle along in his carriages. The sightseeing tram in Prague *almost* made up for the trauma.

DOX – Centre of Contemporary art

I’m going to level with you. I don’t always ‘get’ modern art. Sometimes I think it looks more like a cross between a nuclear bomb explosion and a playschool finger painting session than actual art. But my philistine tendencies aside, I did enjoy a wander round the impressive DOX museum and the outdoor café at the top is truly fab.

Segway tour

Presimung you’re not as catastrophe prone as me, I’d give this one a go. And if this chimpanzee can do it, so can you. (Probably. Unless you fall off.)

Glass decoration in Manto gallery

Like a regression to primary school art class, the gallery’s glass painting sessions involve splattering paint around in a haphazard manner. A fun idea for hen party groups, you get to keep the plate once you’ve decorated it and they’ll deliver it to your hotel room.

Lennon’s wall

A tribute to the late john Lennon, I think I could sit and stare at this wall day. There’s so much to read, so much to look at and it’s all done in this huge explosion of colour. It might be my favourite wall in the world.