Easter is my favourite holiday of the year. Despite the lack of presents it’s far superior to Christmas. This is partly due to the lighter evenings and anticipation of a long hot summer. But mostly it’s because you’ve got zero obligation to spend your precious bank holidays with anyone you’re related to. *

Of course there’s also the added benefit of Easter eggs, which leads me to the point of this post. Passionate foodies will be delighted by the news that a sweet new chocolate attraction will be opening this Spring. (I apologise profusely for that horrible joke, it was too easy.)

Based in the very lovely York, where KitKat and Terry’s Chocolate Orange were born, Sweet Story will offer visitors the chance to go on a ‘chourney’ of discovery. (That’s a chocolate journey for those not offay with made up words.) Did you know Rowntree’s used to be a town in its own right? Nope, neither did I. Wonder if the houses were made from fruit pastilles? Probably not.

For £11 a head (or £8.75 if you’re booked in a group of 15 or more) visitors can learn more about the world of sweets and use this educational experience to justify eating lots of stuff. What could be better?

Research even shows that chocolate is better than kissing. Though I suspect the participants in this study may have been on the receiving end of an overly enthusiastic tongue, I will agree that a melt in the middle chocolate pudding has surpassed some of my more mediocre dates.

* I’d just like to clarify that I do love my family very much. Most of the time.