Earlier this year a lovely Twitter friend of mine Hannah Berry (@sitemanagergal) died from cancer. Although I’d never met her in person, I found her energy, positivity and sense of humour incredibly inspiring. She was only 30 years old when she passed away, which (for lack of more eloquent wording), is totally fucking shit.

As cheesy as it sounds (and I really do hate cheese), she made me think about how important it is to grab life by the balls, enjoy yourself, make other people smile and say yes to as much stuff (and free drinks) as possible.

My 30 before 30 is dedicated to her.

PS: I’m sorry for the horribly self-indulgent blog post. But I scribbled the wish list down on a sad scrap of paper in a pub after four cocktails and losing it was very high on the list of probabilities.

Hopefully you can still dress up when you're 30.

1.)    Write my first book. (Yes. The whole fucking thing.)

2.)    Get published in the Guardian.

3.)    Make my own music video. (I’ve still not fully come to terms with the fact I’ll never be a Spice Girl. Please don’t judge me.)

4.)    Go skiing. (Given my coordination problems this can only go wrong. But if you don’t try you never live.)

5.)    Learn at least 20 more words in Arabic. (I realise it’s hopelessly unambitious but I am going to write a whole book.)

6.)    Run a race. (A proper one. Not just to the gate to meet the NKD pizza man.)

7.)    Save at least half my income every month. (Madly tedious- but I am nearly 30.)

8.)    Call my friends more often.

9.)    Be published in Cosmo.

10.)   Attempt to get a book agent. (Ridiculously long shot. See number 4. If you don’t try (and quite possibly fuck up totally) you never live.

11.)    Volunteer again.

12.)    Visit Muscat.

13.)    Understand the lyrics to Dog Days.

14.)    Work out why Natalie Imbruglia never just got up off the floor and got into bed to mope.

15.)     Join a gym. (And not just for the spa treatments included.)

16.)     Order two dinners with the Entertainer voucher and eat both. (Without the waiter giving me sad eyes.)

17.)     Apply for the office volunteering programme.

18.)     Make a life plan. (Or at least commit to plans in the next six months.)

19.)      Buy a new onesie.

20.)      Be confident. (Even when falling over.)

21.)      Look after the face. More water, less vodka. I am nearly 30.

22.)      Do this year’s tax return before the deadline.

23.)      Be kind to my hair.

24.)      Learn more about Middle Eastern politics and that thing that’s going on with Bradley Manning.

25.)      Dance till 8am. (Again.)

26.)      Treat my mum. She rocks.

27.)      Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

28.)      Go to a festival on the beach.

29.)      Go paddle boarding. (And stay on. For at least 30 whole seconds.)

30.)      Fall in love with someone. (A long shot but it’s going on the list.)*

*He should also love me back. That bit’s kind of important.


Before she died Hannah was blogging about her experiences with cancer to raise awareness. You can check it out here http://sitemanagergal.wordpress.com/