Here is a guest blog from the very lovely beauty writer Laura, on pastel hair colours. I might have to try it out next time I’m practising my Nicki Minaj rap. (Which you’ll be pleased to know is coming along nicely.)


How to: DIY Hair Chalking

Who else fell in love with Lauren Conrad’s cute candy cotton pink bun as much as I did? I loved it so much that I took a huge leap onto that brightly coloured bandwagon and decided to get the rainbow look myself. This is by no means a new trend; it’s been around for a good few years, but it looks pretty damn … well, pretty. If you’d like to dye your hair without the commitment, this is for you:

What you need:

  1. Water
  2. Comb
  3. Soft pastels
  4. Straighteners or curlers


girl with pink hair chalked
Laura shows off her pink bits

DIY hair chalking, step 1: Dampen (optional for blondes)

Start off by detangling your hair. If you have dark locks, dampen with water to help absorb the pigment of the pastel. Blonde hair tends to show the colours up beautifully but it’s harder to get a nice strong pigment on dark hair. Blondies, you can still dampen your hair if you wish but if you don’t fancy prolonging the colour, skip this step.

DIY hair chalking, step 2: Apply a white pastel and chosen colour

Again, another optional one for the blondes and essential for the brunettes, colour your hair with a white pastel to create a nice blank canvas. Now take your soft pastel in the pigment of your choice and start colouring sections of your hair. Twisting your hair as you do this will help you to achieve a deeper, stronger colour. Now gently comb out the chalky residue and any tangles.

DIY hair chalking, step 3: Straighten or curl

Now you need to lock the colour into your hair by running over it with a straightener or curler. To get the colour out later, a good shampoo should do the trick but do remember it will last longer if you have blonde hair and you dampened it before chalking.

Voila! People will think you’ve spent ages dip-dying your hair. The pastels only cost a few pounds from good craft suppliers. Mine were from The Works at around £2.50 – not bad for the hours of fun you can have with them. You can add an ombre look to your hair by dip-dying the ends; rock the wild rainbow look like Nicki Minaj did recently; or just go for a few random pretty peach streaks – hello gorgeous!

For more beauty musings you can check out Laura’s blog and vlogs here or follow her on Twitter. She’s very sweet and pretty, I do recommend it.