Hairless vaginas used to belong to pre-pubescent girls and those preparing for invasive gynaecological surgery. But these days it’s become a socially expected norm for young women to wander round with their nethers plucked like a pre stuffed Christmas Turkey.

Scores of women will claim this World War 3 style attack on body hair or desire for an inflatable beach ball chest is a personal decision. Uninfluenced by men, giraffe legged fashion models or the pneumatic breasted Barbie ‘ideal’, they do it for themselves. Because if born on a desert island free from media imagery and derogatory assaults on minor imperfections we’d all be enthusiastically ripping hair from our most sensitive orifices. It’s just the most obvious course of action.

Realistically, conforming to the body standards imposed by the FHM school of sex education is barely an option now. Propagated by airbrushed lad’s mags and iPhone porn, levels of ‘acceptability’ for the female form are becoming increasingly unachievable. Sporting little boobs, a touch of orange peel or a fluff lined foofy? You can be sure that somewhere, a scrofulous teenage boy has taken time out from his busy masturbating schedule to register his disgust at such ‘abnormalities’.   Labelling ordinary women as ‘repulsive’ or ‘minging’ for failing to possess an aesthetically pleasing jawline, the internet is awash with bile encouraging men to judge women purely on their physical attributes.

Sadly they’re not just the inane ramblings of a pubescent virgin who spends Saturday nights alone with a bottle of White Lightening and a box of Kleenex. Popular student website Unilad, which claims to gain in excess of 8,000 hits per day, is back in business after its recent rape joke controversy.  Packed with articles about female appearance and sexual abuse, the ‘banter filled online magazine for LADS’ (or ‘idiot’s guide to mediocre bonking and degradation of women’), makes the editorial in Nuts look like Germaine Greer’s memoirs. And although the gap year gallivanting man children who write this crud did apologise for their ‘surprise sex’ joke, the Twitter and Facebook pages continue to feature similar bilge. After all, there’s nowt more amusing than bedding a 19-year-old virgin too paralytic to refuse consent.  It’s like, totes hilarious. BOSH!

With almost 200,000 Facebook fans (many of whom are women), thousands of students are joining in these mass online bitching sessions in a bid to feel accepted by the kind of dribbling cretins who think a woman’s worth can be determined by her willingness to offer sexual favours in nightclub toilets. Those who dare to point out the misogyny are passed off as horse faced lesbian feminists with no sense of humour.

LAD culture, which is as prevalent in Top Gear as it is on teenage gossip forums, has become so embedded in our society that even women are failing to criticise it. With the image of feminism tarnished by associations of bra burning, man hating harpies, there is an increasingly smaller pool of women willing to challenge these values.

Forget statistics from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Diseases that estimate 90% of those suffering with eating disorders are women. Forget the abysmal rape conviction rate. Forget the pay gap. As long as we carry on shaving our bits and are in possession of a banging pair of tits, we’ll get along just fine.