Tune Hotels for budget hotel rooms

Organising a cheap trip to London is like resisting a Terry’s chocolate orange on a January detox plan. It’s never going to happen unless you a.) have ridiculous will power or b.) don’t like chocolate (in which case we probably can’t be friends.)

The second you enter the money sucking vortex that is London town, cash seems to seep from your pores. Even if you spend your entire journey wedged under a potent smelling armpit, the tube now costs £8.40 for a day pass in zones 1 and 2. Hotels average upwards of £150 a night and you won’t see much change from £50 if you eat out. Whilst the cost of transport and food are generally non negotiable (a girl’s got to eat), savings can be made on accommodation.

Generally, I’d recommend hostels for cheaper city breaks, but my experience of these in London hasn’t been all together rosy. Several years ago I opted for a Shepherd’s Bush based guest house which offered dorm beds for a bargainous £10 a night. Fresh from an Australian gap year and suitably impoverished, it seemed a good bet.  How wrong I was…  Unlike my hostel stays abroad, which mostly involved drunken frivolity with delightful strangers, this made those weird places you stayed on school residential trips look like the Ritz. From the blood stained sheets to the vomiting drunks, the whole experience was not one to repeat in a hurry.

If you’re keen to find good cheap hotels in London (where drugged up crazy folk won’t be stroking your hair in the middle of the night), Tune has recently launched a brand new property in Liverpool Street. The chain, which offers small but immaculate rooms, is one of the best cash saving options in the city. (All the more to spend on shoes I hear you cry.)

Clean, shiny, always a winner

Officially opened at the end of last year, Tune offers cheap hotel rooms in London starting at £35 a night, without compromising on quality. Should you wish to be even closer to the action (and potentially save on transport costs) there’s also a sister property in Westminster. Rooms are sweet, simple and (most importantly after my hostel experience,) clean!

NB: I wouldn’t wish to disparage ALL hostels across London. I’m sure there are some simply charming ones. Some of them probably even have working showers.